The Writings of R. L. Seago   

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THE CHAINS THAT BIND, Grant Mason is out for revenge against the four men who left him for dead in the engine room of the USS Texas nearly 30 years earlier. When he meets Calire DeAngelo, a woman with a past as tragic as Grant's, she will awaken in him the possibility that maybe he can indeed find some happiness in life, if only the past will stay buried.
VOICES OF THE PASSED-Join Caleb Armstrong and Charity Sandcastle as they search for the truth about his past and the voices he keeps hearing that are leading him towards his destiny. With a familiar stranger from his past watching and closing in, Caleb will be forced to extreme lengths to protect those he loves, and will finally gain a true understanding of who he really is, and why he keeps hearing these three little words- The girl knows.
TEARS OF THE INNOCENT- Lacey DeVane, Ryder Raynes and his partner and best friend Joker are searching for Lacey's missing son Micah, and when they come face to face with the gorgeous but evil Summer Papadopolous, they are thrust into a nightmare unlike anything they could have imagined in their wildest dreams.
 THE BIRTH OF INNOCENCE- In the intriguing sequel to TEARS OF THE INNOCENT, Ryder and Lacey are forced to go on the run into the Sierra Nevada mountains to escape Summer and the Devils Disciples, the biker gang that she is paying to find and kill the couple and Joker, saving  Micah and Ryder and Lacey's newborn daughter April for her own design.
R.L. Seago hails from northern California, and has been working on his series of mystery/action novels since 2008. He has multiple 5 STAR reviews on amazon, recently finished the first draft of his novel THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND, and is currently at work on his latest action packed book, titled THE WAGES OF SIN. Feel free to contact him at [email protected], PM him at or visit this site and order your copies today.